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Corlet Dawn

About The Author

Corlet (Cor-lay) is the international-selling author of the Bee's Flowers series. From a young age, she knew that she was equally compassionate and creative. She uses these qualities in her career as a nurse and her passion as an author.

She is a Colorado native. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and being active. She is lucky enough to live in Colorado, where there are more sunny days than not. She loves to run, hike, garden, and kickbox. She also enjoys spending time with her husband (who works in accounting at a craft brewery) and her teenage daughter (who is working on becoming TikTok famous) and their two dogs. Her dream job would be to travel the world and write books full-time. She has dance parties as often as possible.

Corlet was inspired to write these books after being raised with a grandmother, mother, and sister who all loved flowers. She often wondered about flower shops and the different reasons people would purchase flowers. She started writing Bee's Flowers ten years ago, but it was during her nursing rotations that she further explored the idea, and eventually, Bee's Flowers began to form. She just finished her first novella, part of a three-part series

She is unsure of the origin story behind her name. Her parents tell her a different story every time.

Corlet Dawn


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