W. Michael Hewitt

W. Michael Hewitt

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W Michael Hewitt has degrees in chemical engineering and nuclear engineering. During his professional career he served as the president of several domestic and international corporations and served on the boards of corporations. Ultimately, he formed a company with his life partner, Kathy, that provided engineering and technology services to the federal government. That company performed research for the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and several other federal agencies. It also advised the federal government on the management of radioactive wastes.

Now retired and living in sunny Arizona, he plays golf, writes fiction, and travels extensively (pre-COVID) to fascinating places worldwide. The wealth of experience gained while working provides a treasure trove of information that he now weaves into thriller fiction novels. His goal is to enthrall readers with people, circumstances, and settings that most readers will never be exposed to but provide food for good reads that will hopefully capture their interests.



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Nuclear Nightmare
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