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Vincent Panettiere

About The Author

Vincent Panettiere was not born in a trunk at the Princess Theatre in Pocatello, Idaho, but in Brooklyn, NY.

He graduated from St. John’s University and went to graduate school at Boston University. After college he became a sports writer for the wire service United Press International (UPI) and later wrote for the Boston Herald, a major daily newspaper in that city before Rupert Murdochized it.

After holding executive positions at Westinghouse Broadcasting, CBS and Xerox he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a screen writer. One script was optioned by Twentieth Century Fox but not produced. Three other projects were optioned by now defunct production companies and also not produced.

He became a licensed and bonded literary agent representing writers and directors in television and films. He made deals for writers and directors on TV series (Xena, The Untouchables, Babylon 5 etc.); two independent features were produced; numerous indie/MOW film scripts were sold as well. He also had a client’s book published and another client’s play produced.

During the same time, Panettiere was certified by the Major League Baseball Players Association to serve as an agent for major league and professional baseball players. Clients he represented played in the major leagues for the Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals.

Objecting to the standard means of financing independent films, Panettiere sought non-traditional funding for his writer/director clients. His journey through the murky world of cyberspace was chronicled in his book The Internet Financing Illusion published in 2007. There is more information about the book on his website

Panettiere has published five novels in both paperback and ebook format. They are: A Woman to Blame, These Thy Gifts, The Scopas Factor, The Music of Women and Shared Sorrows.

Panettiere is currently working his third Mike Hegan novel. The others were A Woman to blame and the Scopas Fator.

He continues to live in Los Angeles, but has had dinner in Pocatello, Idaho

Vincent Panettiere


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