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Tineke Peeters

About The Author

Hi everyone, my name is Tineke and I am an author. No really, an honest to God author. What makes an author? Writing. Writing anything that makes slightly sense and you are a writer. In my book a writer and author are the same thing. According to some you need to be published to be an author.

Now I am published. Am I a writer or an author? Both!

I love animals and have been taking care of them for as long as I can remember. From hedgehogs to all sorts of birds. Kittens that were dropped off in a box somewhere ended up in our house when I was young. Thanks to me mostly.

At a certain point in my 36 years, I decided I wanted to take care of wild animals and ended up studying Biological science in England. Due to the stress of such a course I had to quit. However, I didn’t quit my search for a way to take care of animals. 

I travelled to Australia to care for tiny wallabies. After that I ended up working in South Africa with wildlife, like I always dreamed. Think sleeping with a baby warthog, a monkey, a baboon, a leopard, … All of these I had the privilege to raise and most of them release back into the wild.

Burn out, nervous breakdown, bipolar disorder, … call it what you want, I had to come back home to Belgium. I couldn’t perform my duties anymore on my dream job.

However, I reached the other side stronger then before. Recognising my limits and working with them instead of against them was a huge revelation for me. This will be something I am thinking of writing about as well at a later point in my writing career.

Then I met this wonderful man. My other half, my soul mate. Some might think; you sappy girl. I promise you right now, the lovey dovey stuff was not part of my life. Ever. Until I met him. My partner. He had two kids that I helped raise to the lovely teenagers they are right now. My experience with them is what inspires some of my stories.

And here I am. Home, writing, cooking dinner, working with clay, cleaning, crocheting, doing the laundry, drawing, … You know, everyday stuff.


The book I released last month is ‘Book of Panacea’. My stepdaughter was a bit of inspiration. I also love to disappear from everyday life, and wanted to write a book that could take teens out of their routine and enjoy a journey that is not their own.

This book takes you on the journey of a young Goddess named Panacea. She has a destiny, yet to be discovered by herself. Throughout the book, she meets new creatures and Gods. I have been told it is a funny and easy read. Soo beware, loss of sleep possible if you can’t put it down.

Tineke Peeters



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