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Svyatoslav Albireo

About The Author

Hi, my name is Svyatoslav Albireo, Eyv - the name of my soul. Albireo also gave the name to my creative group Albireo MKG - MKG is an abbreviation for "meine kreative group" (in German). Moreover, I write in co-authorship, sometimes, and my co-authors are my family. Therefore, it does not matter what name is on the books - Svyatoslav Albireo or Albireo MKG, it's all I/we - as it is fashionable to say now.

I am a linguist-psychologist by education, polyglot, anti-xenophobe, esperantist, pansexual (this is when only the soul of a partner is important), a person in a happy relationship, a translator, a teacher of foreign languages, a writer.

Since childhood, writers for me have been some kind of celestials, teachers of humanity, the voice of the country, the conscience of the people, beacons of progress. I was very fond of books, until the age of five, I pestered everyone to read to me. And one day, my mother, rather tired of reading the Living Hat and the Firebird to me for the fifteenth time for a day, jumped up and said: you know what, learn to read by yourself, that's what. Your grandfather taught you the letters, that's all, leave me alone.

I went to leaf through my books and suddenly, these letters formed into words, not by syllables, and I immediately understood the phrase. The phrase was inspiring:

If the Great Lenin was alive, Lenin would be proud of us.

(it's from Soviet poem for children, by Sergey Mikhalkov)

I immediately took it to myself, screamed with joy. Well, since then I have been trying to live and write that way. I began to "write" almost at that time. Some poems about kittens who lost their mothers, orally invented horror stories in the yard for pals, in the opinion of my first listeners, my horror stories were cooler than the generally accepted ones about black hands and red sheets (you know, those horror-stories come from the concentration camps of the WWII, and the repressions of the 30th). I read everything and told everyone everything. Then I began to demand from the parents of a younger brother or sister to pour it all into their ears. Apparently, I got carried away with everettics at the same time, because when I read a fairy tale, my head burst with options - what if Ivanushka had gone not to the left, but to the right, it would have been a completely different fairy tale! And so everywhere, in every book that I read. I needed someone urgently. My friends and girlfriends weren't enough for me, and the younger siblings would have nowhere to go, mwa-ha-ha! But my mother again thwarted my attempts to draw her into my minstrel career and said - no younger ones, even you are too much. I said, very sincerely: but it's for my business! I need to tell someone all the book options! And then my father said: write them down.

Of course, I even didn't think about it. Well, because the writers are - wow-people. But I... Well, okay, I thought, I'd write down the options at least. Well, now, all these years I have been writing. Of course, now I take all this as literary studies. I learned by doing, then I began to get some theory. I so wanted to get higher writing. But in my physical homeland, this was not taught. You could become a philologist or literary critic. There was a cruel and honest idea - to write like Amnuel, Voronkova, Oseeva, cannot be taught. You can only be taught literacy. Then I became a psychologist and a linguist - in order to understand the structure of soul and language.

Now I, of course, more for name, got an international degree in creative writing from Wesleyan Humanitarian Arts University. For having a professional name - because no courses can teach more than hundreds of books on literary criticism and language.

The book for me remains a guide to improving life. It is fashionable now to say that a book owes nothing to anyone. My books owe. To Humanity. I write to make your life better.

So, welcome.

Svyatoslav Albireo



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