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Stephen W Briggs

About The Author

Stephen W. Briggs is the author of Family of Killers—Memoirs of an Assassin and Lies Lead to Death, part of the Family of Killers series. For his third book, Stephen took a break from the Family of Killers series and wrote a supernatural mystery, Beside Us.

His only addiction is cycling, something he does regularly. He has been told that he owns too many bikes. That is a matter of opinion, mainly his family’s. The longer the ride, the better for Stephen. He uses the time on his bike to create new story lines, develop characters or just let his mind wander as he challenges his best times on segments in the area.

***can you use italics for the three book names Family of Killers—Memoirs of an Assassin Lies Lead to Death Beside I don’t know why it won’t let me??

Stephen W Briggs



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Lies Lead to Death
Family of Killers -Memoirs of an Assassin
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