Sherri Lupton Hollister

About The Author

Sherri started writing soon after learning to read. She wrote her first romance in red ink at the age of ten. 

Her childhood dream of becoming a writer and having her own Brady Bunch has nearly come true with six sons and five books.

Sherri and her husband, the sexy mechanic, gained custody of his three sons and discovered she was expecting another, going from a two children in the home to six in a matter of a few months. She’s earned every single gray hair and is just thankful she still has her hair, and her sanity. Although the latter is questionable at times.

With her large family, Sherri is never at a loss for plot ideas, interesting characters or cheerleaders. Her family serves as beta readers, researchers, photographers and marketers. The sexy mechanic is her researcher and her resident expert for anything mechanical.   

Her small home town is her extended family and they have also been great supporters of her dream. Her setting for the series, The Leeward Files, is loosely based on her hometown with love even if she does blow things up.

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Books by the Author

Red Steel