Sharon Healy-Yang

Sharon Healy-Yang

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Author Sharon Healy Yang is passionate about mysteries from the golden age, whether in a book or on the screen.  Her fascination with mysteries and the 1940s drives her pleasure in crafting novels that recapture the wit, adventure, and suspense of the era. Known on the campus where she taught as the lady with the 1940s hats, she has had the great fortune to combine her love of literature and film in courses aimed to enkindle that same excitement in her students. Sharon Healy Yang lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two cats, and an enormous collection of vintage films.  Bait and Switch and Letter from a Dead Man are the first two novels in a series of Jessica Minton Mysteries.  Coming out this year is the third entry, Always Play the Dark Horse, which brings in another of her passions:  thoroughbred racing.



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Bait and Switch
Letter from a Dead Man