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Rodzil LaBraun is a creative storyteller that has been inventing unique worlds and alternate realities all his life. He writes what he likes to read: inventive environments, imaginative points of view, and believable characters. He proposes that a far fetched world does not mean that the characters must have extreme personalities or repeatedly make unwise decisions. As humans we spend most of our life in the mundane, but we ourselves are far from boring. We like to escape to new worlds and meet new characters with which we can relate.

His works of fiction include individual books and series in harem adventure, science fiction, and urban fantasy. Intrigued by constructing realistic adaptions of the mythological, paranormal, apocalyptic and superhuman, Rodzil's stories are always unique.

Rodzil LaBraun



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Books by the Author

Dystopian Girls
Forgotten Colony: Tau Ceti
Island Girls
Arrive: New Earth 1
Dirty Girls