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Richard W. Kelly

About The Author

Richard William Kelly was born in Arlington, Texas in October of 1980.  The second born and first son of Stephen James and Carolyn Ann Ferguson Kelly.  He and his older sister Kerry spent their childhood in the suburbs between Dallas and Fort Worth.  From an early age he had wild aspirations to become either a professional wrestler or a writer and imitated both.

Richard graduated from Martin High School in 1999.  Throughout school he wrote as a hobby with a dream to one day become a writer, but not enough bravery to attempt it.  While his sister moved out of state and his parents relocated to the Houston area, Richard moved to Denton, Texas and attended school at the University of North Texas.  May of 2005.


He worked various retail jobs while he studied.  Always at a loss for a dream that seemed rational he majored in History, Political Science, Anthropology, Mathematics...  He eventually graduated with B.A. in Economics in May of 2005.

He and Kara Sorg married in July of 2005 and bounced back and forth between Houston and Denton.  They had met in high school at a coffee shop in Arlington called Scared Grounds.

Unfortunately, college degrees lacked the guaranteed employment both were expecting, and they spent two years moving around and looking for work.  Richard finally landed a job as an analyst in Katy, Texas in February of 2007, a career that is still growing today.


In 2009 at Richard’s twenty-ninth birthday he set a goal to write a novel.  On July 14, 2010 he released Testament.  This, just like the college degree was not a guarantee of a career.  Writing remained a hobby as he released books slowly as the years went on as he changed analytics jobs and Texas towns.


In 2017 he relocated his family to Broomfield, Colorado.  In 2019 he received his M.S. in Management and Leadership.  Although he loved the atmosphere and slowed down pace of Colorado, he was no match for the high cost of living or the altitude.  He and his wife now reside back in Texas.


He has released books in many genres including romance, fantasy, young adult, horror, and spiritual. But at the core he writes stories of people and their perseverance over adverse times.

Richard W. Kelly



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Short Stories by the Author

The Ghost of John MacMurphey

The Ghost of John MacMurphey

The priest waved his hands towards the congregation asking if anyone wanted to speak. The room was small and there was only a couple dozen mourners, but as usual they all refused the invitation. The priest nodded his head in understanding and stepped back towards the microphone...

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Books by the Author

A Novella About Pie That Should Have Starred Jason Sudeikis
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