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Rae Elliott Williams

About The Author

Rae Elliott lives in Vermont on seven beautiful acres of land with her husband, two dogs, a cat, and some chickens…and then there are the fairies. Matilda has been telling Rae her story for many years now, inspiring Rae to build and expand her own fairy garden during the few short months of the growing season in New England. Her love of food, healing arts, and all things magical are evident in the stories she tells.

Rae Elliott Williams



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Short Stories by the Author

A rain drop plopped down....

A rain drop plopped down....

A rain drop plopped down right in the middle of my forehead, I could feel it winding it’s way through the hair on the my face slowly making it’s way towards my little upturned nose. This wasn’t my first rain, I knew that those drops would increase in frequency and force and would no longer trickle towards my nose but run like a river and I would need to tuck my face under my furry siblings if I was going to keep myself from drowning in it.

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Books by the Author

Matilda Blows Into Town
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