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R. Janet Walraven

About The Author

I am thrilled to be a Silver Award winner of Readers' Favorite International Book Awards for my teacher-mentor book, Connect for Classrooms Success. I wrote the book to show teachers, parents, students, and all concerned how to have JOY in teaching and learning. That's a highlight in my writing career. A personal highlight was taking a trip down the Danube from Amsterdam (I cried my way through Anne Frank's house) all the way to Budapest ( I found a woodcut of Franz Liszt) and on to Prague--the journey of a lifetime. Then I wrote a romance as a tribute to my parents' amazing love story, Rainbow of Promise: A World War II Romance. I love writing almost anything that I'm passionate, short stories, poetry, novels inspired by true happenings, and children's books. My first children's book is Hector and Heloise in Paris with amazing illustrations by my artist-friend, Barb Ruble. I enJOY being in the writing zone and never have writer's block. I also won an award from Loyal Lyre. Nice! I love traveling to Europe, Mexico, Canada, and road trips in the USA. When home, I read, write, walk, swim, and garden with my best-ever guy, Mal. I love big ocean waves, all seasons, and falling snow. I appreciate my readers and reviewers.

R. Janet Walraven


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Hector and Heloise in Paris
Rainbow of Promise
Connect for Classroom Success
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