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Philip Carlton Williams

About The Author

After practicing corporate and general practice law for 15 years, I returned to academia, bringing the approach of an experienced lawyer to my research and teaching in the fields of health law and policy. My academic career brought me to a series of four campuses, all in the South, where I first served as an assistant dean in the office of academic affairs and later wound up as a university president. I am now retired from campus life and spend most of my time writing novels and hiking with my wife and son in the Pacific Northwest.


OUR HEAVENLY MURDERS is the story of a college history professor wracked with bouts of PTSD caused by the premature death of his parents and the suicide of his wife. One day he is confronted by one of his star students, who seeks his help in purchasing a handgun. The young man claims he only wants to scare a sexual predator. The fragile professor, believing that his teaching methods may have spawned the student’s misguided passion, stupidly agrees to help. As the student’s scheme, and the professor’s involvement, spin rapidly out of control, the professor receives a series of messages that seem to be coming from his deceased wife. She warns him to expect a near-death experience. Maybe it’s all in his head. Or maybe help really can come from Heaven.

Philip Carlton Williams



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Our Heavenly Murders
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