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Peter Jennings

About The Author

I am the published author of 7 books, working on others. My primary focus is on creative non-fiction in which my overall mission is to inspire people to expand their opportunities that heighten their existence. I love writing. And I’m happy to mentor prospective writers.

Previous to turning to writing full time, I ran a marketing agency handling advertising, branding, public relations and production of multimedia content, including websites and social media elements. Clients included top-ranked businesses of all types and sizes, from from McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, Royal Bank, IBM, Coca-Cola, Harlequin Books, etc., to niche start-ups.

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Peter Jennings



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Short Stories by the Author

"A Race Against Time"

"A Race Against Time"

For Mandira Wasgare, entering Hermanos Amejeiros Hospital in Havana on a December afternoon, death is as near as it can be. Minutes… seconds… matter.

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Books by the Author

Pushing The Boundaries!
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