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Pavane Ravel

About The Author

Pavane Ravel is the author and writer of her introductory novel series titled "The Other Shoes of Larry Martin." Book one "Revelation of Lies" has released in Oct. 2021, and is available for purchase on her official website, Amazon online, Barnes & Noble, and many online bookstores.

Ravel has always wanted to be a full-time writer and finally has reached the point in life where that dream is a reality. Pavane traveled extensively over the years and has seen nearly the entire United States, much of Canada and Europe, along with some of Central America. Pavane also studied both political science and journalism in universities both stateside and in Europe.

Pavane is now happily married with children, she enjoys discussing economics after working as a commodities broker. Pavane lives in Manhattan and spends time concentrating on both family and her writing.

For Pavane, this book was an important story to tell, as Larry Martin is such a complex and fascinating character. Pavane enjoys humor and loves to engage and connect with readers. She can be contacted by email at

Pavane Ravel



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The Other Shoes of Larry Martin: Book One: Revelation of Lies
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