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Paul Amess

About The Author

Paul was born and bred in Hull, Yorkshire, and spent many years travelling the world to exotic places until it finally dawned on him that the best place in the world was right on his own doorstep. He now spends as much of his time as possible walking around England learning about its fascinating history and meeting often interesting and sometimes strange people.

Although he tried some of the long-distance walks such as the Coast to Coast Path and the Hadrians Wall Walk, he prefers to get off the beaten track into the back of beyond, and thinks that the further you go from the cities, the more interesting the people become.

There are perils to this, of course. In his time he has been attacked by dogs, run over by both a bus and an ice cream van, though not at the same time, and has spent much of his time walking actually lost.

Paul has now turned his hobby into his living, and has published several books about his adventures, and is currently working on his next.

Paul Amess



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