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Mike Sherer

About The Author

Mike Sherer lives in West Chester in the Greater Cincinnati area of southwest Ohio. His screenplay 'Hamal_18' was produced in Los Angelesand released direct to DVD and is currently available on Amazon Prime. His paranormal/suspense novel 'A Cold Dish' was published by James Ward Kirk Fiction. His horror novella “Under A Raging Moon” was published by World Castle Publishing. His Middle Grade novel ‘Shadytown’ was published by INtense Publications. His paranormal mystery novel 'Souls of Nod' has been published by Breaking Rules Publishing, Mike has published 3 other novellas and 22 short stories. Links to Mike Sherer’s published works are available on his web page – - where his travel blog 'American Locations' is also posted. There is also a web site dedicated to his novel ‘Shadytown’ on which is posted his writing blog From The North Rim - Mike Sherer is a member of the Cincinnati Fiction Writers group.

Mike Sherer



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Souls of Nod
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