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Michelle Schad

About The Author

From a young age, there have been voices inside of Michelle's head. No, not those kinds of voices - or, maybe they are; who really knows? Rather than fear those voices, Michelle wrangled them like wild mustangs on the prairie, make each one bend to her will in its own time. Well, what does that mean?
It means that Michelle has been writing stories of the fantastic, the horrific, and the mysterious for as long as her little fingers have been able to hold a pen and probably longer, but memory only goes back so far. In a world that passes for 'normal', she is all of the 'normal' things one might expect: mother, wife, keeper of fur-babies. She is also a student of life, meaning if there is something to learn, she will learn it, thus making her a veritable font of only partially useful knowledge.

The whimsy and ChAoS that actually controls the rest of Michelle's existence has earned her a place in two different arenas so far: Bards and Sages Quarterly and Corrugated Sky Publishing. While wielding the unwieldiness of words is her primary function, she is also an avid crafter, collector of "creepy" ball-jointed dolls, and can run through a Target in under an hour with only two extra items from her intended list. Talent!

Michelle Schad



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Short Stories by the Author

Michelle Schad's Short Story

Michelle Schad's Short Story

Death is sort of a strange thing. When it happens, there is a flurry of activity: emotion, thought, sensation. It all just wooshes by like wind being pushed out of an inflatable raft. What’s left is just the shell, a flat, sad, pathetic little reminder of what used to be.
Unlife was totally, totally worse.

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Books by the Author

Ashes to Embers
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