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Maryla Mary Storm

About The Author

After being in the background assisting other authors in writing and publishing their books, Mary Storm wrote and published her own motivational book. The volume is an inspirational teaching memoir representing how her husband worked to live eleven (11) thriving years once he was given a two months cancer sentence.

Fighting and negotiating with cancer is what Keith did well. How Keith did it–how he managed to live for so long was a question often asked. That question is answered in the book through many chapters but more so in the following: Attitude, Research, Advocacy, Wellness, and Complementary Therapies of Tai Chi, QiGong, and Tama-do. Much information is included, especially Keith’s tips for handling everything from an ostomy, PICC line, Port-a-Cath, chemotherapy, and Y90 glowing in the dark.

Included in Mary’s informative teaching story are Keith’s cancer journals–First-person words from the man himself telling it frankly. Of course, Mary’s take is added along for the ride. Just don’t miss the stroke of the miracle!

Mary’s book is also a love and romance story that spans past the grief and living with loss.

Maryla Mary Storm



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Keith's Inspirational Story Negotiating Cancer–Survive Revive Thrive
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