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Lougash T. Shaw

About The Author

Lougash T. Shaw is the pen name for author and series creator Russell Carmony. The Raven Song Adventure Series began as bedtime stories that he told to his six-year-old nephew, who wanted to hear tales with action, suspense, and a few scares. The stories had to be long, so they could stay up later on the weekends when the parents weren’t around. The tales made their way into written form and The Raven Song Adventure Serieswas born.


And as for Lougash T. Shaw…


Lougash T. Shaw was born in a jungle during a mighty storm. Baby Lougash and his parents were immediately swept away by the storm’s strong winds and rushing water, but luckily, giant owls came to their rescue.


The owls flew Lougash and his parents to a castle where they were taken in by a gardener and a teacher. He had a happy childhood, and during his youth at the castle, Lougash made fantastic grades as well as learned to fence, cook chili, and walk on his hands.


Today, he is an adventurer and world traveler. He is also fluent in the languages of whales, crickets, and mushrooms. The forest is his home, and he lives there with his pet werewolf named Wilbur. Lougash happily writes adventure stories while sitting at his unique stone desk amongst the books of his home library.

Lougash T. Shaw



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