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L. T. Myers

About The Author

Lauren Myers, formerly known as Lauren Sperling, is a current resident of Temperance, MI. She is a stay-at-home mother of a toddler. Most of her time was spent in the band room when she was in high school, but when ever she had an idea, she made sure it was written down in her journal.

In her spare time, she has hobbies such as singing and quilting. Lauren and her Mother are part of a quilting group with her Aunt and they get together once a week and sew. She also takes a part in singing at her church at least twice a month. She has other involvements with her church as well in being a worship leader for the kids and a youth leader for the teens.

Lauren is a self-published author. She first got the idea for Timeless, her first book, in high school. She started writing it in English class but never finished. She picked it back up after she graduated and started rewriting and eventually finishing it

L. T. Myers



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