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Kate Hyland

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Kate Hyland lives in London, Canada, high on a hill, where she can see for miles. She is an award-winning photographer, wife, mother, world traveller, and truth-seeker, who began documenting her experiences after the death of her beloved father in 2013. A personal glimpse into the spiritual world has taught this cancer survivor that life and love are God’s greatest gifts to us.

In her editor's words... "Many authors, like yourself, say they are "compelled" to write. This was not necessarily a path you chose for yourself; perhaps it is a path that has been chosen for you."
In her words...
After the first initial shock of my grief, I found it therapeutic to put my words to paper.  Writing through times of grief—no matter what type of pain—can be tough, but rewarding for both the writer and the reader.  When God is written in every word, He will seep through the lines of the page.  

For me, writing helped me in the grieving process. It began the process of working through the pain and stopped me from getting stuck. But I also knew it was more than that - it was time to release the miracles of the last 23 years.  Pouring my heart out on paper did wonders for my soul and at the same time I knew God could use it in someone else's life – there could be an individual going through the exact same experience or pain that I was — right now.  Our words can bring comfort, encouragement, and hope.  That was the reason why I published this book!  We just never know who will stumble across our work.  God’s timing is always perfect!

During grief, I found because our emotions are raw our best writing comes out during those periods. Pain moves us in ways we never thought possible. While praying for guidance, I found the words flowed to tell my story. For years I had a photography business on the side. During this time, I was already familiar that emotions and images were a crucial part of storytelling.

Yes, there is a time to stop and mourn, but I used the words God gave me. Words He will use for His glory.  Read my book and let it strengthen your journey!

Kate Hyland



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