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Karen Nappa writes Seasoned BDSM Romance with HEA. Their growing library including TRAPPED (a D/s story), and CHERISHED (an age play story). Their latest release, BLINDED, is the fifth book in the Club Indigo series.


Immersed in the D/s lifestyle themselves, they write realistic albeit romantic stories. When not dominated by their cats or their Master (in that order - even if it earns them a spanking!), they love going to Club Indigo and other places to discover the stories that are waiting to be written.


When not texting, skyping, or writing together the American half likes to spin yarn and make quilts, while the Dutch "partner in crime" prefers to go for a run while listening to heavy metal.


April 11th, 2019 will be a date they will always remember. Not only was it the day their debut was released, it also was the day that the two halves of Karen Nappa met in person.-

Karen Nappa



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