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Karen Johnson

About The Author

Experience “A World of Arts”, with Karen the Storytelling- Artist JAZZ GRIOT TRADITIONS ARTIST

This Artist is a One Woman Performance, or with Guitarist or with Reggae Jazz Band. Audiences will be left mesmerized with the Oral Tradition of storytelling with a mixture of folklore of African & Caribbean culture songs. Each story and song is an original. Ms. Johnson possesses a talent for performing. As a vocalist and storyteller, she weaves together all the elements of a theatrical performance.

Karen the Storytelling-Artist has provided the art of storytelling for more then ten years creating a unique blend that make her a master in the style she deliver,  this creative story time spine off classical story with the mixture of poetry and songs.  Her vocal performance is only match by her stage presence.  Audiences will be left mesmerized.  The Oral Tradition story African American and a mixture of folklore of African with Caribbean culture style songs.

Karen Johnson



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Baba the Farmer
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