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My name is Kalenga Augustine Mulenga aka K.A. Mulenga. My passion is writing. I started writing when I was 10 years old and my passion was reignited by my 11 year old son. Writing runs in my blood as my late father was a journalist and the first black editor of the Zambia Daily Mail and my late brother was a poet. To date, I have published 8 children's eBooks on Amazon. I love writing children’s books with a positive message and also to make them laugh and entertained. I am a prolific writer and currently have 9 edited and completed manuscripts.

I am busy with a memoir and after that I would like to write some fiction and non-fiction in the near future.

One of my books, Donk and the Stubborn Donkeys was #1 Bestseller Juvenile Fiction > Animals > Farm Animals



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Books by the Author

Donk and the Stubborn Donkeys
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Polly the Polecat
Chuck the Cheetah
Harry the Honest Horse
Spike and Spud, The Spaceboys
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