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K. E. Drake

About The Author

K.E. Drake writes stories of love and adventure, all with that perfect happily ever after ending.

She loves the escapism and happiness she finds when reading, and that's what she hopes her readers experience with her stories as well. If her books can take the reader away or bring a smile to their face even once, she considers it a success.

She lives in a small town in Missouri, USA, and she's mama to her two precious bunnies, Dustin and Phoebe.

When she's not writing, or otherwise stretching herself too thin on her many bookish tasks, she spends her time reading, with her family, baking cookies, or binging a newly discovered television series.

She hasn't yet gotten to live her grand fairytale adventure, so for now, she lives it out on the pages of her stories.

She appreciates her readers and her writing team, whom without, her bookish dreams could never have come true.

K. E. Drake



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Beautiful Melody
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