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All life can be counted as joyful; just some days are more joyful than others. And it's all those days, the joyful and the not so joyful, that makes life worth living. And when you put all those days together, a pattern of life lessons emerges that ultimately becomes your legacy. Judy Watters' love and focus on memoir stems from the realization that her children would never know the richness of their grandparents' lives or her childhood farm unless she put it into writing. Judy's expertise comes from many years of studying the craft of memoir writing. She works closely with others to teach the art of memoir and to help new authors leave the gift of legacy for their families. As Judy sees it, "Everyone has a legacy to leave for their generations to come. Leaving your written legacy and the life lessons learned allows your future generations to realize they are not alone in this journey we call life."

Judy is an author of three memoirs, a freelance writer and editor, founder of Hill Country Christian Writers, and instructor of Hill Country Legacy Writers. She is owner of Franklin Scribes Consultants and loves to work with first-time authors. Judy and her husband reside in Spring Branch, Texas. Along with their three grown children, one daughter-in-law, her first granddaughter, two grandcats, and a one-eyed rescue dog, Lacey, they continue to create a rich legacy of their own.

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