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Jennifer Hanning

About The Author

Greetings from a New Zealander living in Australia!


After many years of working in the software development industry, I am now loving my work as a Yoga and Meditation teacher (Adv.Dip.), which allows time for me to indulge in my other passion, writing. I am very grateful for these two wonderful careers, especially as I continue to battle stage 4 melanoma cancer. I've won every battle so far and I WILL win the war.


My ten published books are mainly mystery/drama with the occasional touch of the supernatural. Short stories and Self Help books are also included in my works.

Jennifer Hanning



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Short Stories by the Author

Inward Bound

Inward Bound

Eliza sat at her lounge room window, resting her gaze on the deep blue lake that edged her sloping lawn. Anyone seeing a snapshot of her now might think she had the perfect life, only she knew that was far from the truth...

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Books by the Author

Stepping Stones to Meditation
What Happened to Polly
Devine's Legacy
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