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James Sniechowski

About The Author

Bestselling author of literary fiction, James Sniechowski is pleased to release his award-winning Leaving Home Trilogy. These autobiographically-influenced novels are Worship of Hollow Gods, An Ambition to Belong, and When Angels Die. They are all now available on Amazon in Audio, Kindle, and Paperback.

Sniechowski grew up in inner-city Detroit, Michigan where deeply repressive cultural and peasant-drenched, old-world religious dogma surrounded his every day. Now, as a PhD psychologist, Sniechowski has woven the stories of his main character’s emergence from that suffocating environment, while going through the challenges of not belonging, discovering his talent for acting, and growing into young adulthood and defining himself on his own terms as he journeys through the leaving home process.

James Sniechowski



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When Angels Die
Worship of Hollow Gods
An Ambition to Belong
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