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Héctor Rivera is an immigrant who came to the United States in 1988. After a few years of hard work, in 2004, he was able to start a successful business in Los Angeles, California. In 2011, he was accused of a white-collar crime by the US Department of Agriculture and other federal agencies. Hector ended up in prison, and the business was confiscated, and every last penny was confiscated from him. In prison, Héctor was diagnosed with cancer, and an order of deportation was placed on him. Since he was left without family, business, good health, and a house, he learned to put his trust in God, and at the end of the sentence, God rewarded him tremendously, and he was healed of his cancer. He was not deported, and even though he only had $200 when he got out of prison, with the help of God, he was able to start a different and better business. Also, since Héctor changed his life and humbled himself before God, he received some messages in 2013 of the world events that were going to happen these coming years. Thanks to these messages he humbly received, he was able to prepare for the chaos, violence, darkness, and tribulation that is dominating the world now.

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