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I'm an Australian author and my debut novel, Deadly Secrets is available in both paperback and eBook format. Several of my short stories have recently been published, most notably in the anthology, When Stars Will Shine, and two in The Writers' and Readers' Magazine, Jan 2020 & Oct 2019. Another was previously published in the anthology, Fledglings, by Birdcatcher Books in July 2016. I'm currently polishing my second novel, another political conspiracy mystery/thriller, while the beginnings of a third novel are sitting in the bottom drawer awaiting my attention.

I live in Adelaide, South Australia, although I grew up in country areas near Melbourne. My first degree was a Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, and I have a Graduate Diploma in Education. My long and successful public service career spanned roles as diverse as Management Trainer, Team Facilitator, Statistician and Laboratory Assistant. It gave me insights into the government machine.

In 2011 I decided to seriously pursue my creative writing ambitions. I enrolled in and successfully completed a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing at Adelaide University. Over the years, I've completed numerous creative writing courses at Writers SA and WEA and once I'd written a first draft I joined a novel-writing writer's group, The Novelist Circle which has a number of published authors.

Besides writing, travelling, and discovering new places, is a passion for me and I have visited many fabulous countries and cities around the world. I keep a daily travel journal and take copious photos and these inspire scenes for my stories e.g. Deadly Secrets begins in Paris and has scenes set in Normandy, Nice and Barcelona before returning to Australia. I am an avid theatre-goer and subscribe to the Adelaide State Theatre company. I enjoy art exhibitions and galleries and of course, I love to read. In March each year, I take full advantage of the Adelaide Writers' festival to discover new authors and to hear my favourites. Some of the writers I admire are Elliot Perlman, Anna Funder, John le Carré and Peter Temple. 



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