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Glenn Stevens

About The Author

Glenn grew up in Chicago glued to the TV watching Dark Shadows every afternoon. In that highly-rated soap, it was Barnabas Collins who first ignited Glenn's passion for vampire stories. The more romantic and erotic vampire stories like Dracula and the many films by Hammer set that passion ablaze.

To satisfy Glenn's thirst for more - more seduction, suspense, romance, passion, sex, realism, and of course bite scenes, Glenn set out to write his own flavor of vampire stories. His take on vampires is different from the mainstream which is that some of his vampires are not the traditional monsters but rather lovers who protect their human companions and seek to find a complicated balance of feeding their hunger without killing those that satisfy it. Glenn calls this true love and conflict in his stories.

All of Glenn's vampire treats can be found on Amazon in eBook, paperback, and audio-book formats - many of which have received a Reader's Favorite 5 Star review. If you're like Glenn, maybe you too are searching for something different in vampire stories. If you are, please take a look at what Glenn has to offer. Hope you enjoy what you find!

Glenn Stevens



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