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Glenn Goodwin

About The Author

Author Glenn Goodwin has lived an exciting life with all types of twists and turns, ups and downs. Much more than any of the characters he has penned about. While being diagnosed with dyslexia at age six, school was a struggle. He later had to beat a rare and deadly form of cancer at age 17. As time went on, Glenn obtained two master's degrees in education and business. After he had to make a career change, Glenn started over from scratch. He has lived and taught in various countries around the world, inspiring many along the way that they can live their dreams and do anything as long as they grind. One of the sayings he lives by is, "Adversity builds character, and with that, anything is possible despite the adversities." His book embraces all aspects of life and struggles a person could face and get inside your head and think, let alone feel. The book and characters have a bit of everything as well as many twists and turns you will not see coming.

Glenn Goodwin



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Upward Climb Of A Downward Spiral
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