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Gianna Simone

About The Author

A born-and-bred Jersey Girl with Brooklyn roots, I share my life with my very own Alpha Male and two amazing children. I write super steamy romance with BDSM themes in all genres, though primarily historical. My books are filled with Vikings and Knights and Warriors and the women feisty enough to stand up to and beside them. I have been an author of romance fiction for over 25 years, with thirteen books published and counting. My books tend to run along the lines of the old-fashioned "Bodice Rippers," with hot, sexy and emotional characters and situations that skate the edge of modern sensibilities.


My influences come from many places – from the pop-culture side that include a mix of actual history and fiction, such as Vikings, Sleepy Hollow, Highlander, and the like. I have also been heavily inspired by other alternate worlds, such as Harry Potter, Dragonball Z and Charmed. But most of all, my inspiration arose from my love of historical romance (begun more years ago than I care to admit!) written by so many authors that there isn't enough time to name them all – we'll be here for weeks!

Gianna Simone



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Norseman's Ordeal
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