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Ernie Lee

About The Author

The Bard of the Blanco, Ernie Lee, is a Texas award-winning author from Canyon Lake, Texas. Ernie writes a continuing column in the Hill Country Sun magazine. He is the producer of the Indi Country Roadshow. He is a songwriter (BMI), storyteller, author, and poet of long standing in the region. As a poet, Ernie is known as the Bard of the Blanco. Ernie is married and lives in Canyon Lake, Texas with his lovely wife Donna.

Ernie’s debut fiction novel Aquasaurus (2016) (www.Aim-Hi The Texas Authors Association selected Aquasaurusas the 2017 Suspense Novel of the Year. His book of poetry, Where the Wild Rice Grows was released in 2017 along with a second novel, Him. In 2018, Ernie published the sequel to his first novel entitled the Search for Aquasaurus, which won the 2020 Best in Texas for YA suspense, selected by Texas librarians (Authors Marketing Guild.)

Ernie's current release, COSPLAY: The Comic-Con Killer, has been warmly received, earning 4 of 4 stars from the Online Ernie is currently working on a new novel to be released in 2023.

Ernie Lee


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Short Stories by the Author

Heart Over Mind

Heart Over Mind

Heart Over Mind
© 2014, Ernie Lee
School let out early for some reason. I didn’t know why, nor did I care very much. I could hear Momma and Grandma arguing all the way out back to Jack’s pen. Jack was what we called a brindle in those days. He would probably be called a pit bull today, but we hadn’t heard that term in South Texas in the 1950s. He was a big fellow, easily forty pounds heavier than my skinny self.

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COSPLAY: The Comic-Con Killer
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