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Dr. Alan Trites

About The Author

For the past 20 years, Dr. Alan Trites has effectively helped many patients working as a clinical laboratory scientist, lecturer, researcher, and functional medicine health care provider. Dr. Trites understands medical procedures. He wants his patients and you to be informed on why a test is ordered and how it will help the doctor diagnose issues. Also, what tests might better suit your case that isn't used or limited in the traditional insurance based model.

While employed in the hospital setting, he was in agreement with proper use of drugs and surgery, especially for emergency cases, but was frustrated in its application for chronic issues and disease prevention. That is why today he uses a conservative approach to health to help resolve and manage your health issues.

Dr. Trites' combination of alternative and medical knowledge led to a doctor who works toward helping his patients achieve an optimum level of health. To assure his patients are getting the most recent and sound advice, he uses evidence-based research to support his patients who have autoimmune, neurological and chronic diseases focusing on lifestyle, diet, and exercise.

Dr. Alan Trites



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