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Chéri Vausé

About The Author

Author of noir thrillers and action-adventure yarns, Chéri Vausé has penned five novels over the years, three of which were a trilogy about two married private investigators during the sixties. Writing has always been her passion, from her theological teaching days, to after her retirement when she dove head-first into the noir world of psychological thrills. She's also a published author of short-stories, now appearing in several anthologies, one of which was nominated for a Silver Falchion award.


Her other passions are her ducks and dogs. After losing Scully and Mulder, her dog babies that she still weeps for, she's now the grandmother of Evie, a Chihuahua and Whippet mix, who loves to race trucks and motocycles. Though Evie keeps her busy, her three ducks lend her pleasure while watching their antics in the backyard pond. Married to her soul-mate for thirty years, she and her husband enjoy just staying home with their pets.

Chéri Vausé



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