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Barbara Linn Probst

About The Author

I’m an award-winning author of contemporary women’s fiction living on an historic dirt road in New York’s Hudson Valley. The special twist in my novels is that they're stories about becoming all we can be, and framed around art—whether it's the art of painter Georgia O'Keeffe, the power of music, or (forthcoming) the magical art of glassblowing.


Queen of the Owls (2020) and The Sound Between the Notes (2021) have been featured in Ms. Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, Pop Sugar, Bustle, Entertainment Weekly, Working Mother, and many more! I’m also a serious amateur pianist and a blogger/ webinar presenter on all things writerly for sites like Jane Friedman, Writer Unboxed, and Story Circle Network.

Barbara Linn Probst


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The Sound Between the Notes
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