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Amena Khan

About The Author

Amena Khan is a newbie author; her debut romance novel is ‘Red Dress’: A Blue Caveat explores the conflict around an extra-marital affair. Though extramarital affairs are frowned upon, it is all around us. We sometimes walk into it knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. But rarely do we talk about it, let alone analyze its cause and effect on our lives. Is an extramarital affair born out of a selfish act or is it because of this void in a significant relationship? Amena, through her characters, tried to explore these questions.

Amena has been writing since she was a child but was averse to publicity.

The Pandemic made her leave her comfort zone. A video clip motivated her to become an author. The video clip was about bringing out the passion of whatever we carry in our hearts. It affected her so much that she thought about writing a novel and publishing it. She has also written several short stories over the years and is in the process of getting them published.

Amena strongly believes we all have something to offer to this world while we are alive. We all work for a living but passion is something different for our inner spirit. We all feel passionate about something and we should not let it die, we must nourish our passion and let it flourish.

She moved to New York twenty-eight years ago. Literature has always been her favorite subject. Matters of love, soulmates, and romance are her muses and inspired her to write. She considers love as the center of life. She believes there are two relatively important things in life: one is love and the other one is money. We need to balance these two matters, though love is the most important thing in life to Amena.

As a bilingual, she took the challenge to write this novel in English to reach greater audiences. She firmly believes she has accomplished that challenge.

She was a literature student at Dhaka University in Bangladesh. She received her undergraduate degree from SUNY Empire State College in Computer Information Systems. Even though she works in the financial sector as a Mortgage Banker, her passion is writing. She lives with her husband and two sons in New York.

Amena Khan


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